100% French Lingerie
& Manufacture

Reveal the beauty of your femininity with the subtle and provocative lingerie of Assia Lingerie. 100% made in France models.

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100% French manufacturing
named desire

ASSIA is a high-end brand, resolutely different, symbol of quality, combining style, originality and comfort.

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Lingerie française Made in Lyon
Want to be chic
& elegant ?

For more than 15 years, the ASSIA brand has been sold all over the world: USA, Canada, NZ, UAE, Qatar, Kenya, Switzerland, Italy and France. Each new client is definitely conquered.

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Manufacturing and creation of luxury French lingerie

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Assia Lingerie

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Breast Cancer Lingerie
Assia rebels with Amazone
Because the Amazons were real warriors and breast cancer awakens the spirit of combat, Assia decided to put her creative talents at the service of women, who like her, despite the trials, claim their femininity to the life wearing a beautiful French lingerie.
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Breast Cancer Lingerie